5 Drinks you should avoid that can harm your teeth:

Tooth is one of the most valuable parts of our body and we all have one set of permanent teeth. Unlike other parts of our body we can never grow another bit of tooth enamel. The bitter truth is that our tooth structure and the supporting gum & bone are under constant damage. Bacteria, foods and drinks, extreme temperature, normal wear and tear are some the causes that regularly decay our teeth. We cannot avoid them, however if we are careful we can protect them from severe damage. Today we will find out the drinks that can affect our teeth.

1●SODA: Nothing deserves the first spot in this list as much as soda. Recent studies have confirmed that soda is one of the leading causes of dental erosion. High amount of sugar and the acid in soda have a detrimental effect on teeth. Tooth enamel softens and loses mineral content when we drink anything acidic. All carbonated drinks, diet and regular sodas are harmful to teeth if they are consumed too often.

2●COFFEE/TEA: If you want white teeth then you should be careful about having these. A lot of us do know how badly coffee stains our teeth. Coffee stains are among the worst for your teeth as they are very resistant. Frequent drinks of coffee and tea can give your teeth a yellow coloured stain. Besides coffee & tea makes teeth sticky and also dries out your mouth. This gets worse if you add sugar to sweeten it. Drink plenty of water after having coffee to minimise the damage.

3●ENERGY DRINKS: Energy drinks may sound healthy and boost your energy levels but won’t do any favors for your smile. These drinks are packed with sugar & acids and the potential for cavities & erosion is very high. Instead of depending on sports and energy drinks try to have restful sleep and proper hydration to boost your energy.

4●WINE: Wine contains stain causing tannins similar to coffee & tea which can leave your teeth with a lacklustre Gray colouring. Most red wine has this outcome and the effect is worse if it’s frequently consumed. Keep in mind that while red wine can stain your teeth more, white wines are more acidic so they might be even more dangerous to your enamel.

5●FRUIT JUICES: Though not as bad as the drinks mentioned above know that most fruit juices are highly acidic and have been linked to an increased risk of cavities. Fruit juices, especially berry or citrus fruit juices are full of acids and sugar. This is a perfect combination for damaging your teeth. However fruit juices have some health benefits and if you want to have them, rinse your mouth with water after drinking them.

It seems like the most of the drinks we have are harmful for our teeth and many of us don’t want to avoid them. So what to? Well the solution is easy. Drinks a lot of water after having them or brush your teeth if you are more protective. Finally don’t drink any of these excessively if you really care about your teeth.

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