6 of the Best Reasons to choose Implants over Dentures

Dental Implants: What exactly are they?

A dental implant is just that – it is a metal post that has been implanted with surgery into the bone underlying your gums.  The implant would sit where a natural tooth’s root would normally be.  Even though it takes surgery to place the metal post, it is both safe and a well-established form of treatment.

Just like your natural teeth, dental implants require care.  If you neglect them, they are prone to causing infections in your gums, bleeding, tenderness and sometimes more severe pain.

So what then are the advantages of getting Dental Implants?

There are SIX main reasons you might choose Dental Implants, and any one of these is a good reason to choose this for yourself.  These are:


This is probably one of the main reasons people choose Dental Implants, because they look and feel just like natural teeth.  It would be unlikely for someone to know you have implants unless you told them.  Whether you are smiling, eating or talking, you will hold your own in company and no-one around you will even think for a moment that your teeth are not your natural teeth.


Dental Implants feel just like your own natural teeth, so they don’t move around or come loose.  Dentures that slip or move while you are in conversation with someone can cause you unnecessary embarrassment as it will affect your speech. Choosing Dental Implants is the best way to know that you can speak to anyone, in any situation, and be confident that your Dental Implants are going to stay where they are meant to be.


Dentures can slip and move during talking, eating, laughing or coughing, and this constant movement causes irritation and discomfort in your mouth, sometimes even pain.  Dental Implants are fixed, so there is no movement and, therefore, no discomfort.  They feel just like your own natural teeth felt, and you don’t have to worry about them hurting you in any way.

Protection for your healthy teeth

Healthy teeth support dentures fitted in a bridge, but this can cause them damage over time.  Dental Implants fit into the space between healthy teeth without damaging them in any way, and, in fact, ensure that healthy teeth don’t shift over extended periods of time into those spaces between them.


Chewing food with dentures may be uncomfortable because they are prone to shifting.  Dental Implants are fixed, like your own natural teeth, making eating easy and enjoyable again.  You are able to eat just about anything with implants!


Dental Implants are intended to last a lifetime, and with the proper care, you should get the benefits of having Dental Implants for the rest of your life.

Speak to a cosmetic dentist today about your options.  There is a dentist in Whitecity Dental Care that can assist you with this most important decision today.

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