Electric brush or manual brush ?

Everyday as a dentist we face a same question

” is electric brush better than manual brush”?

Would switching from manual brush to electric brush change things?

  The simple answer is NO

Either it’s electric brush or manual brush, there are 5 things you have to follow to achieve the best results 

1 Brush for 2 min

   Brushing for 2 minutes is a very basic rule for either types of brushing .  If you brush for 2 minutes, chances are that you will be able to clean most of the area of your teeth even if you don’t concentrate on every area.

2 Cleaning behind the lower front teeth

  One of the salivary gland opens just behind the lower front teeth. This makes plaque  calcified very quickly due to calcium in saliva . 

Cleaning effectively with either type of the brush is crucial.

3 Brushing tongue 

  Tongue has Pappilla that can trap bacterias.

They are responsible for bad breath . If you don’t use tongue scrapper then brushing tongue should be a important step during each brushing time.

4 Not brushing too hard

 Most good quality electric toothbrushes have in build protective function where brush stops or beeps when too much pressure is applied .

 When using manual brushing, pressing too hard can wear down enamel and cause recession of gums. Gentle pressure is all you need to remove soft plaque. 

5  Replace brush or electric brush head regularly 

  Change the brush as soon as you see flaring of the bristles. It should normally happen once in 2 months . If the brush flares sooner than that this than you are probably brushing hard.

   One of the best person to show you effective brushing is Dental Hygienst. 

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