How Do Dental Implant Work?

Dental implants are metal frames or posts that are surgically placed in the jawbone underneath the gums so that the dentist can mount permanent replacement teeth on top of them.  Since implants fuse to the jawbone underneath (osseointegration), they provide excellent support for the artificial teeth.

   Bridges and dentures mounted on top of the implants will not shift or slip in your mouth. This is especially helpful when you are speaking or eating. The secure fit helps the bridges, bridges and even individual crowns placed on top of the implants to feel and look more natural than regular dentures or bridges.


   For a lot of patients, ordinary dentures and bridges are not a comfortable choice due to poor ridges, sore spots or gagging.  Moreover, conventional bridges must be attached to the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth as well , which need aggressive trimming . One advantage of implants is that the adjacent teeth don’t need to be ground down or prepared to hold the replacement teeth in place.


  If you want to go the route of implants, you need to have adequate bone support and healthy gums to support the implant. You should also take care to ensure that the structures are healthy. Regular visits to the dentist and meticulous oral hygiene are critical if you want the implants to be successful in the long term. 



How to care for your dental implants?


95%  of the dental implants are successful, and there are a few steps you can take to make sure that they last long:


* Oral hygiene – Brush twice and floss once daily. Use inter dental brushes to get to the hard to reach areas around the implant.


* Quit smoking – Smoking can weaken the structure of the bone and lead to implant failure.


* Don’t chew on hard foods – Do not chew on hard foods like hard candy and ice as they can break the crown and your natural teeth.


  If you have missing teeth and would like to know more about Dental Implant, call now.


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