Should I Pay For Private Dental Care in London?

Depending on the area you live in, there may be an option of a dentist who takes NHS patients, however in some cases there may not be, and private dental care may be the only convenient option. The thought of private dental care in London carries connotations of high price tags, however this isn’t necessarily the case. You can get a private dental checkup in some London dentists for as little as £25 , and then you can see where to go from there – with regular check-ups you may need no work done at all!


      It is important first of all that you know what your options are regarding getting work done by an NHS dentist, versus paying for a dentist privately. One thing is certain, it should not become the reason that you avoid the dentist altogether, which sadly has become a common excuse. Leaving going to the dentist because you fear you cannot afford to, could lead to increased dental bills later on, even if you do go NHS.


       The good new is, private dentists in London are more affordable that you might think, and in addition to the one off payments there are manageable financing options too. So, for those asking – should I pay for private dental care in London? The answer would be to seek the information you need to make an informed decision. Get a check-up, then find out the pricing from both NHS dentists, and private dental practices, and see what is available to you.

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